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Hi! My name is Joanna Joy Afghani, but I usually just go by Joanna Joy.  I'm a  communications consultant and content creator with clients across Europe, Asia, and North America. Through content creation, I help my clients bring their ideas to life to tell their meaningful stories. And through communications consulting (and specifically social media management), I make sure my clients’ stories are not only seen by their target audience, but also result in a desired measurable outcome, and an engaged online community.


I’m a "[Jo] of all trades”, master of [some], but oftentimes better than a master of one."

I combine my academic background — a Master of Media in Journalism & Communications, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology — with nine years of real-world experiences in communications (predominantly social media marketing), and production (photo, video, and editing). Having a diverse background and skillset gives me the ability to wear many hats, see things from different perspectives, adapt quickly, and utilize the best strategies to make each project a success. 

On a more personal level, I am an incredibly warm, positive, and creative person. I pride myself on having a strong moral compass, always treating others with respect, and giving 100% in everything that I do. When I'm not busy traveling or moving to a new country, I find myself taking on personal projects that bring me mental clarity and joy. Right now, I'm focused on improving my French, as well as going through and organizing dozens of hard-drives filled with photos and videos from the past year 6 years of my life. 

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