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Social Media has changed the way that we consume media, learn, and communicate with others. It's something that I find so incredibly fascinating — both from a psychological perspective, as well as a strategic marketing and advertising perspective. It's a very powerful tool that I'm passionate about using to help my clients. 

When engaging in social media management, I first work with my client to ensure I have a solid grasp on their company culture, overall marketing goals, and brand voice. I then execute strategy, scheduling, engaging, and reporting tasks. 

Select Communications Consulting Project:
with Numus Financial & Sona Nanotech 

Context: I was contracted by Numus Financial (a venture capital firm) in February of 2020 to consult for a life science company they manage called Sona Nanotech (Sona). Sona was developing a rapid screening test for Covid-19, and needed help getting their information and messaging to the public and potential investors.


Prior to the campaign, Sona was very inactive on social media and did not have an engaged following. In my role as communications consultant, I created, scheduled, and posted content to social media, responded to comments and messages, sent email blasts, contacted news sources to arrange interviews, and wrote the following press releases:

Both campaigns were very high-stakes, time-sensitive, and successful. The results showed significant improvements in overall reach, impressions, followers, and engagement rates across all platforms.  For social media reports, see: 

Social Media Report 1

Social Media Report 2

I think it's important to note that the tone of these materials was very much dependant on the client, and the field. I tailor my communications style on every project to match the client's authentic voice and their specific target audience. 

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